Beautiful eyes of Sherlock Holmes in every episode of BBC Sherlock

Is there any chance you’ll be exploring romantic relationships with Dr. Lecter?

Bryan: Oh, yeah, we absolutely are going to go there. There are two distinct flirtations that we’re playing with, and the intention is absolutely to go there with his character. I imagine he would be a fantastic lover. Mads and I have talked quite a bit about how Hannibal loves beautiful things, so he would love women and he would love a woman’s spirit. Unless she’s an asshole, she’s not in danger. So, that is absolutely going to be in the cards. I’m excited for those stories and the opportunity to see that other side of the character. We will see him in romantic situations, not necessarily in the first season, but the players are all set up in the first season.


Homemade Diva (Ding Dongs) Vegan and Gluten free / Recipe


The Northern girl. Winterfell’s daughter. We heard she killed the king with a spell, and afterwards changed into a wolf with the big leather wings of a bat, and flew out the tower window. x

the rawness up close ➝ krikor jabotian s/s 2014

casual close-ups of kris that will ruin your life pt. 2

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BEAUXBATONS: located in the pyrenees, beauxbatons academy of magic is the leading wizarding school in france. the headmistress is madame olympe maxime.
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shinee’s manager oppa…. why


Gwakjigwamul Beach, Jeju Island, Korea (source)

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